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Hydraulics & Lifting Aids offer Hydraulic Elevator Kits for Installers.  These kits include a hydraulic cylinder, pit steel, power unit, car frame, guide rails, rail brackets, and oil transmission line components.  We also provide layout and installation drawings if provided with the plan dimensions and floor heights.

We have developed various modular systems in standard sizes which offer low lead times and allow the flexibility required in a lift installation.  All our sheet metal components are laser cut and the bending done in CNC machines to a very high precision.  We know with increased familiarity with our pre-engineered system, your installation times will only improve.

For installers familiar with hydraulic lifts, we also offer a complete range of Blain elevator control and safety valves and other accessories required to build your own power unit.


Hydraulics & Lifting Aids manufactures cylinder with precision equipment, experienced personnel and knowledgeable engineering to comply with the standards required to produce a quality product.  Additionally, the following equipment is included with the cylinder units:

  1. Cylinder extension stand with guide bush and one clamping bracket (Either Independent or depending on the DBG)
  2. Three Cylinder clamping brackets (Either Independent or depending on the DBG)
  3. Pit Steel equipment include a Pit Tray with the Base Hitch suitable for our car frames.
  4. Hose Rupture Valve


Hydraulics & Lifting Aids provides hydraulic lift power units for any application; from small capacity home lifts to large cargo lifts.  We can manufacture power units based on your component requirements or can perform necessary detailed calculations based on your lift data to select and provide a power unit to meet your specified requirements.

Power Units can be designed with Submersible Motors as well as Standard TEFC Motors.  Generally, our power units are supplied with:

  1. Tank with Oil Level Indicator and Filler/Breather
  2. Blain Elevator Valve
  3. Screw Pump
  4. Ball Valve and Hand Pump
  5. Optional Pre-Wired Junction Box


We can provide hydraulic car frames standard range from 500 – 800 DBG suitable for cabin sizes up to 1300 mm Depth (cylinder at rear).  Every component is precision cut using laser cutters and the bending is done in CNC machines, ensuring perfect dimensions and fit.  The car frames can be used with 9 mm or 16 mm Guide Rails and have sliding guide shoes.  Along with the car frame, we also provide the pulley block with nylon sheaves to guide the steel wire rope.


We provide the highest quality Guide Rails along with Fish Plates and hardware.


Being hydraulic people, we have the complete range of oil line components required to transfer hydraulic oil from the power unit to the cylinder.  We take care of simple things like matching threads and fittings so that the installer does not face any issues during installation.  Some of the components in our range include:

  1. Hydraulic Hose with end fittings
  2. Hose Adaptors, Elbows and Tee Couplings
  3. Shut-off Valves
  4. Pipe Clamps required for efficient hose routing.
  5. Washers, O-Rings and Seals of various sizes.
Power unit


Laser Cutting