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HLA Hydraulic Lifts offers lifts for home, commercial and also for disabled access, with capacity from 1 to 30 people, which are second to none in quality, design and flexibility.


Ask anyone in the property business: lifts are an asset to the properties, opening up the home to a wider range of purchasers who may not have considered multi-storey homes due to age, health reasons or the need for specialized disabled access.

This is not only applicable to new properties, as our hydraulic lifts can be retrofitted in old buildings as well, as it needs minimal support of walls.

Designed to meet all your domestic vertical movement needs, it is the ideal alternative to stairs, giving you everyday peace of mind.

Our experience and know-how is combined with top-quality products, ensuring that the lifts are installed with minimum disruption and at an extremely competitive price.

Our lifts do not require any overhead structure or room.  A pit of 75 – 200mm is needed, which can be converted into a step if digging is not feasible.  Our silent control unit requires maximum space of 1000 x 600 x 2000 mm (LxBxH) and can be placed in any location on the ground floor.

Do you already have somewhere to put your lift?

HLA Hydraulic Lifts will be made to measure for optimum use of all available space, thanks to our customized design service.  Our team will find the best solution to fit your home.

Is there no space available for a lift?

No problem! Our lifts can be positioned almost anywhere and in any configuration with our metal structure shafts.

Suitable for: Bungalows, Low Rise Buildings (Old and New), Banks, Multi-storied showrooms, Commercial Complexes
Advantages: Minimal structural space/changes.

Minimum pit and overhead

Completely customized

Power Requirement: 3 phase/single phase, motorized power only during up travel.

Complete Battery Operation (on Request)

Movement: Roped Hydraulic
Travel: Maximum 12 mtr (40 ft)
Cabin: Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel with Glass

Single Opening, Double Opening.

Wide range of interior finish options.

Door: Automatic Sliding Door

Manual Sliding Door

Swing Door

Sensor based Light Curtain

Emergency Rescue Features: Battery Operated Emergency Lowering

Manual Lowering on Ground Floor

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Ease of Evacuation


Cabin Options
Cabin Options

List of Features
List of Features

Shaft Sizing Guide
Shaft Sizing Guide

Why Hydraulic Lifts ?
Why Hydraulic Lifts ?