Customized Equipments

At Hydraulics & Lifting Aids, our passion for hydraulics has empowered us to come up with innovative solutions for our customers.  We strive to adapt new technologies, materials and designs to produce completely customized products as per our customer requirements.

Hydraulics & Lifting Aids has a high awareness of quality in design and manufacture, achieving ISO 9001 accreditation in 2013. Our culture is strongly geared towards the growth of its product and customer base through customer satisfaction not only with its quality but also with the solutions that are offered. Our manufacturing process gives consistency, quality and reassurance that our products will be delivered on time and with the quality level that our customers demand.

Apart from customers, we also look to work with school and college students sharing a passion in hydraulics and applied hydraulics, providing them with models and actual case studies to better understand various applications.

Products and Capabilities Include:

  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Hydraulic Oil Flushing and Filtration Systems
  • Hydraulic Retractable Roof Systems
  • Hydraulically Driven Vehicles
  • Modernization of existing hydraulic systems
  • Load Cells / Dynamometers
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic Tools (Customized)
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic Systems (Customized)
  • Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders
  • High Cycle Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems
  • Specialized Hydraulic Manifolds



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