Hydraulics & Lifting Aids manufactures cylinder with precision equipment, experienced personnel and knowledgeable engineering to comply with the standards required to produce a quality product.  Additionally, the following equipment is included with the cylinder units:

  1. Cylinder extension stand with guide bush and one clamping bracket (Either Independent or depending on the DBG)
  2. Three Cylinder clamping brackets (Either Independent or depending on the DBG)
  3. Pit Steel equipment include a Pit Tray with the Base Hitch suitable for our car frames.
  4. Hose Rupture Valve

We have many sizes of cylinders to meet your specific requirements and can manufacture cylinders based on your component or can perform necessary detailed pressure and buckling calculations based on your lift data to select and provide a cylinder to meet your specified requirements.

Our cylinders are single stage load return type, consisting of a single piston in a cylinder with gland at the upper end where the piston collapses into the cylinder. Single stage jacks are designed for guided applications only, where the cylinder is rigidly supported and guided through the use of guide rails and guide shoes.


Quality Control is an essential and integral part of our manufacturing process. Every phase of production is monitored to assure that each cylinder is assembled in accordance with engineering and shop order specifications to meet our quality standards.  From the initial process of raw material, to the final process of placing the product on the truck, you can be assured that our quality standards are met and that the finished product meets your requirements.


The cylinder glands are designed for ease of disassembly when servicing.  An oil collection groove is provided and arrangement is included to connect an oil drain line to catch and reclaim oil that collects in the groove (it is necessary for the piston to carry a film of oil through the packing in order to provide smooth and quiet operation).


The upper end of the chrome plated piston is provided with a drilled and tapped hole to receive a standard bolt for attachment to the platen plate. The bottom of the piston is closed with a stop plate to prevent the piston from leaving the cylinder.


Our standard honed cylinders are provided with a bleeding port to purge air during commissioning.  A threaded inlet is provided for fixing the hydraulic hose.  All cylinders are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.  They are then painted with multiple coats of epoxy paint to ensure a long, corrosion free service life.

Laser Cutting